Beanie Sigel Says Kanye West Doesn’t Owe Him For Creating “Yeezy” Nickname & Explains Not Taking $50 Million

photo credit: Brandon Magnus l Getty Images

Kanye West’s much talked about Drink Champs interview still continues to give us gems of new information that we didn’t know we needed.

Just over a week ago, Ye went completely viral for his first Champs sit-down interview, which revealed a lot about his separation, his music relationships with the likes of Talib Kweli, Drake, and more, and while the second half of the interview had more to dish out, Beanie Sigel has stepped out to shed some light on $50 million.

During Ye’s interview, the ‘Donda’ rapper revealed that Sigel was the first person to don him “Yeezy” and that he’s been trying to send Beanie a check for creating his famous “aka.” Initially Sigel was offered $50 million and 5% stock in the the Yeezy brand, but the Philly rapper has now made it clear that he’d rather solidify business plans with Mr. West.

Speaking with TMZ, Beanie states, “I did name him that, but as far as his business mind and where he took it, Kanye worked hard for this. Kanye don’t owe me nothing. I don’t know if I would take a number. Because you give somebody a fish today, he gon’ eat for the day. If you teach somebody how to fish, he’s gon’ eat forever. He’s gon’ teach his family how to fish.”

Single goes on to further explain that there are a few business ventures he and Kanye could be successful with and the two actually reunited during Ye’s recent Sunday Service event.

Take a look at the video below!

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