50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump With Latest Social Media Post

50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump With Latest Social Media Post
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At this point there is nothing that can surprise us any more with the way this entire 2020 year has panned out.

From the novel coronavirus pandemic, to the uprising in the exhausting fight against social injustices, and now as the year quickly approaches an end, being met with an important presidential election, the latest hip-hop head to confirm a vote for Donald Trump has left many confused.


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Just last week, social media went ablaze when West Coast icon and hip-hop legend Ice Cube revealed the work he’s been putting in behind the scenes with the Donald Trump Administration on behalf of his Contract With Black America. While the news split everyone’s point of view down the middle, today’s reaction to 50 Cent endorsing Trump with his latest social media update has done basically the same. Taking to his official accounts, 50 Cent went on record and shared what looks like he’ll be supporting Trump at the polls even though in the past, he has said some not so favorable words for the President.

Sharing a screenshot of Joe Biden’s alleged tax rate plan by state which includes California, New York City and state, as well as New Jersey, applicable only for Americans who make more than $400K a year, 50 added the post with the caption, “WHAT THE FUCK! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT,”

50 later followed up his post with a statement saying he was bankrupt and also needed a loan. Oh, FOFTY!

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