“White Boy Rick” Honored To Have Eminem Portray Him In 50-Cent Produced ‘BMF’ Series

"White Boy Rick" Honored To Have Eminem Portray Him In 50-Cent Produced 'BMF' Series
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Earlier this week, it was announced that Detroit G.O.A.T. Eminem would be portraying the infamous “White Boy Rick” in the upcoming STARZ series BMF. With 50 Cent as executive producer of the show, Em is expected to appear in the Fif-directed episode 107.

With 50 sharing the news to social media, not only were fans excited to learn of the “Higher” rapper’s slated television appearance but “White Boy Ricky” himself says he was honored Eminem would be portraying his life. Rick, whose real name is Richard Wershe Jr., spoke with TMZ out about Em stepping into his shoes for his new on-screen role stating, “Of course, it’s Eminem so that’s an honor to have him portray me in a series.” Wershe continues, “He was actually one of the first people that was looking at doing the movie about me so it’s pretty cool that later down the line, he gets to take on this role.”

Rick earned his status and name as a teenager while working as an informant for the FBI before getting caught for drug trafficking with the Detroit gang. There was also a 2018 film based on his life, which starred Matthew McConaughey, just two years prior to his official release from prison.


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