Mike Tyson Reveals He Used Prosthetic Penis With His Baby & Wife’s Urine To Hide Drug Use

Mike Tyson Reveals He Used Prosthetic Penis With His Baby & Wife's Urine To Hide Drug Use
Photo by Omar Vega/HUBLOT via Getty Images

If there’s a couple things that we can expect from the champ Mike Tyson these days, is the ever-so-often reminder that Mike still got hands AND that he is extremely honest about his past life experiences.

As the boxing legend has had his ups and downs within his career and personal life, the 54-year-old continues to make amends with his shortcomings but also spreads his knowledge and hindsight with those who can benefit. On the latest installment of his podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, the boxer goes into detail about how he used to be able to pass his drug tests while abusing cocaine and marijuana. Of course this was all during a time where the testing process was a bit less invasive, as Tyson revealed he used his baby’s urine and a prosthetic penis to take drug tests.

I put my baby’s urine in it. One day, I used my wife’s and my wife said, ‘baby, you better hope that it doesn’t come back pregnant or something’. So I said, ‘no, we ain’t gonna use you no more. We gonna use the kids.’ ‘Cause I got scared that the piss might come back pregnant.

While Tyson shares that he didn’t partake in any performance enhancement drugs, the famed boxer considered the time during his efforts to conceal cocaine and marijuana use as “awesome”.

Checkout the podcast below!



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