The Game Talks Possibly Reuniting With G-Unit: “As Long As It Makes Sense Financially”

Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

With his new album, Born To Rap, set to drop later this month, The Game has officially started his press run at ComplexCon this past weekend. Game talked about his “Jesus Piece” album and how many people slept on it, reuniting with Dr. Dre and a possibly reunion with G-Unit.

Game talks about looking at Interscope like a real family, but how it wasn’t something he should’ve done. “I looked at G-Unit like it was a real gang,” Game said. “I looked at Interscope like it was a real family and that’s not what it was. It was a business.”

The Compton rapper then goes on to talk about a possible reunion with his former group, G-Unit.

“We’re a lot older now, and s*** gotta be split down the middle,” he says. “There’s really no G-Unit tour without Game. There ain’t no G-Unit tour without Fifty. Everybody else can mix in where they mix in. Banks is still one of my favorite emcees, we used to go bar for bar in the studio for who was getting the second verse. I f*** with Banks, I hated the f*** out of Yayo. But I’m forty now. There’s no animosity with him either.”

Check out the full interview below:

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