24HRS On New Single ‘Check It Out’, Relationship w/Jermaine Dupri, Signing MadeInTYO + MORE

24HRS On New Single ‘Check It Out’, Relationship w/Jermaine Dupri, Signing MadeInTYO + MOREphoto credit: 935 KDAY

24HRS talks to Noah Ayala about his opinion on Jermaine Dupri’s comment about female rappers, what inspires him, his new single with Dom Kennedy & YG, and what’s next for him.

Once signed with a hip-hop hit maker, Jermaine Dupri, 24 discusses how he first got his start in the industry being signed to the Atlanta native’s label. Haaving only worked with JD for a short amount of time, 24 saw success while out on his own and his relationship with Dupri came full circle as the super producer became more of a mentor to the rapper. 24 tells Noah,”I used to be signed to JD. I used to be signed like 2012 or ’13, I was signed. I did a record deal with him and I was going by a different name; I was going by Royce Rizzy. So, I was going by a whole different name and I was signed to him and we did a deal. And, I got out of that deal and I popped off as “24HRS” and JD called me like, ‘Aye, man, you got it jumpin’, I need to move with you, we need to move around.”

Solidifying his own lane with his music, business, and relationships in the industry, 24 also talks about how he had been able to sustain his own creativity and flexibility in the constant evolving culture.

I’m just here for the long haul. You gotta pace yourself. You know, I’ve had big years; not last year but the year before when we first broke off, before I came up here with JD, my first single with Ty [Dolla $ign] and Wiz [Khalifa], we went number eight on Urban and that was a big year for me. I toured with Ty, I sold my own tour out. And then the next year I put out another project, we didn’t tour as much, we didn’t have a big radio song but Tokyo came in and “Skateboard P” went double platinum. “Ned Flanders” went up I’m behind those projects.

24 goes on to talk about his working relationship with his brother, his album details, and much more.

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