Kobe Bryant On Why He Thinks Kawhi Leonard Chose the Clippers Over Lakers

Via: Stadium Astro

Kawhi Leonard’s move to the Los Angeles Clippers was quite an unpredictable one, as many expected him to sign with the Lakers. There’s been multiple rumors circulating as to why Leonard chose the Clippers, with many stating that Magic Johnson played a part. Johnson previously shared details of their private meeting, hinting that Leonard never wanted to team up with LeBron James.

As the rumblings go on, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant recently sat down for an interview at the FIBA World Cup tournament in China, where he talked about Kawhi’s decision to sign with the Clippers.

“Well, I think he wanted the challenge of trying to turn the Clippers around, and I think he saw a great opportunity if Paul George wanted to participate in that challenge with him. Both kids are from L.A., and the Lakers was their favorite team but, you know, you grow up and things change,” Bryant said.

Fans won’t have to wait much longer, as the Clippers and Lakers are set to kickoff the 2019 NBA season on October 22nd.

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