Philly Swain On Making 150 Videos This Year, Long Term Music Money, Battle Rap & More

Philly Swain On Making 150 Videos This Year, Writing For Nicki Minaj + Long Term Music Money

photo credit: 935 KDAY

Philly Swain stopped by the 935 KDAY studios to talk about what he’s been up to lately, including writing for some of rap’s biggest stars and some of it’s more questionable new additions like Woah Vicky. He lets us know that at the end of the day though, he’s been in his bag and putting out music like crazy all year.

Sitting down with Noah Ayala and Dae One for Beats & Bars, Swain runs down his time in the game, detailing his come up from battle rapping and the incredible list of artists he’s worked with. Taking a step back from being his own artists, Philly says, “Because I fell back and I started writing for all of these superstars. These are the people on my resumé: Christina Milian, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Leon Thomas, Woah Vicky. It’s a lot of artists. I wrote Real Good Time theme song show for Disney. I own 95% of that song. I’ll show you the contract. Swain continues, Same thing with Christina Milian, “We Ain’t Worried”, I own 85% of that song and that’s me on the ad-libs. Safaree’s “Sheesh”. Me and him used to split no matter what, you know what I’m saying? But, that’s because I knew him and Nicki way before they was on. Like, I didn’t meet them when they was on, I met them in a basement at my man Trax’s crib when sh*t wasn’t popping.”

Sawin not only has produced over 150 songs so far this year, the producer explains that he’s preparing to drop 20 albums, with Da One expected to make some appearances on a few selections as well.

Peep the full Beats & Bars interview with Philly Swain and Noah Ayala below!



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