The Game Says Reparations Should Be 40 Acres & A Lambo

Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

The Game is not one to stay silent when it comes to helping out his community. In a recent interview with TMZ, the rapper was quick to remind people that America was built on the backs of slaves when he was asked about reparations. Politicians have found it difficult to stay true to their promise of owing those affected 40 acres and a mule.

Democrats have been talking about the topic for the 2020 election and the idea of reparations has stirred up the media. The idea of reparations has been mentioned for years in Congress, but without any real progress. The Game appears to have found the answer to the problems.

“It look like 40 acres and a Lamborghini,” The Game said. The Compton rapper then began talking about politics. “I don’t even think I can vote, I’m a felon bro.” With his ideas, it could be a way to solve the issue.

Watch what he had to say here.

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