Kevin Hart Accused of Refusing to Hand Over Private Social Media Info In $7M Lawsuit

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

Back in 2018, Kevin Hart was part of one of the biggest scandals of the year due to his infidelity. If this wasn’t enough, he was being blackmailed to give up millions of dollars or else his sex tape would be leaked online. Hart refused to give up the money, which ultimately led to more problems outside of his relationship.

His former business partner sued him for $7 million dollars after claims that his scandal caused their app to fail. Now, reports have surfaced that the comedian was asked to turn over his social media information, but allegedly refused to do so.

According to The Blast, Stand Up Digital is asking a judge to help them get information from Kevin Hart’s social media accounts after he refused. The company wants Hart to hand over the analytics from his social media accounts, which should include the number of posts he made about the app. This would allow the company to build a legitimate case against the comedian.

Hart also counter-sued, claiming that the company is refusing to take blame for the app’s failure. The comedian states that he was going through a difficult time in his life, thus why he didn’t respond to the company during the FBI investigation.

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