50 Cent To Bow Wow: “If You Didn’t Act Crazy You Could Have Been A Tycoon”

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

50 Cent clearly does not care who you are, if he wants to go at you, he’ll go at you. While he has his notable roster of people to go at, such as Ja Rule, Michael Blackson and Floyd Mayweather, 50 has chosen someone else.

50 previously accused Bow Wow of stealing his cash during an event with strippers. Now, 50 has taken to Instagram once again to go at Bow Wow saying that “If you didn’t act crazy you could have been at TYCOON now you stuck in London. LOL.” The veteran rapper certainly does not hold back on anyone.

Of course Bow Wow was not going to stay quiet, so he responded by saying, “Hahahahaha motherf****** im getting this bag tho bro! Yall turn up for me.” That’s certainly one way to deal with it.

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