Geto Boys Cancel Tour Because Of Bushwick Bill’s Issues With Promoters

Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Geto Boys’ Bushwick Bill announced that he was fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It was then announced that he, Scarface and Willie D would all go in a four-city reunion tour that was set to start this weekend. However, it appears the tour won’t be happening due to Bushwick Bill pulling out of the tour.

According to TMZ, the cause of the cancellation appears to stem from Bill’s issue with the promoters. The artist reportedly feels that promoters of the show were exploiting his cancer diagnosis to make quick money. Bill allegedly also felt that the name of the tour, “The Beginning of a Long Goodbye: The Final Farewell,” was too dramatic and made it seems like the rapper was in his last days. With Bill pulling out from tour, both Scarface and Willie D followed soon after.

It also appears organizers looked to make this a Geto Boys tour, when Bushwick reportedly wanted to do a Bushwick and Friends tour. Willie and Scarface were also socked by the news of the cancellation, but now it appears we will still see Bill once again on tour. Bushwick Bill is reportedly looking to go on a 20-city tour called “Phuck Cancer,” which is set to begin in Dallas on June 8th.

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