Lamar Odom Reveals Advice From Jay-Z

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

In a recent episode of Talib Kweli’s “People’s Party” show, former Lakers‘ star, Lamar Odom talked about the advice Jay-Z gave him back in the day. Considering Odom was looking to start a music label, Jay cautioned him and advised him to invest in something other than music.

“He [Jay-Z] was just like ‘Yo, what’s up with you and this rap s***?’” Odom said. “He was like ‘Nah homie, you should be doing what Magic is doing. Doing real estate or something,’”

However, even with the advice, Odom reportedly didn’t listen and went ahead with the label.

“I didn’t listen to big homie, but I wish I would,” Odom said. “Sometimes I think, what if I’d have listened to HOV’s advice.”

Odom went on to talk about how he suffered 12 strokes and six heart attacks during his lifetime.

Watch the video below, with the Jay-Z discussion at around the seven-minute mark:

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