Eddie Murphy Set To Host SNL After 35 Years, For 45th Season Celebration

Eddie Murphy Set To Host SNL After 35 Years For 45th Season Celebration
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The iconic comedian, whose career has spanned over three decades since his break out on NBC’s SNL, is not only gearing up to release the follow-up to the Coming To America classic, but Eddie Murphy is ready to make his long-awaited return to the “Saturday Night” small screen.

While much of the previous Saturday Night Live cast members have stopped by the SNL stage over the years Eddie Murphy has kept his distance, due to a past beef with actor David Spade, but he will break his silence on December 21.

Murphy was a prominent figure in SNL and was often rumored to have kept the ratings high during his time there. “If SNL hadn’t hired Murphy, this show would’ve lasted half as long as Baywatch,” joked Chris Rock.

”Former “SNL” cast member Joe Piscopo told FOX Business on Tuesday, “Eddie is going to come on the scene — boom — at the perfect right time, and you watch this, he will push the envelope, and people will just be blown away by how far he can push it… it’s about time,” “put your seatbelt on” because “it’s going to be spectacular.”

According to TMZ, “it’s long overdue” for Murphy to come back to the comedy scene.

Murphy’s hasn’t done live stand up in over a decade perhaps this dabble back into comedy could be the start of his comedy tour.

Watch some of Eddie Murphy’s funniest SNL moments below!

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