Tone Loc Detained At Airport After Confronting Family With Confederate Flag Hat

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Although he did stop by the KDAY Morning Show with Romeo a couple months ago, Tone Loc has remained relatively quiet throughout these past few years. According to reports, Loc got into an argument at Midland International Air & Space airport in Texas with a white family.

According to multiple witnesses, Loc became irritated after seeing a kid wearing a Confederate Flag hat. The rapper then went up to the parents to confront and ask them, “How are you going to wear that hat in front of a black man?” The parents responded by saying that the kid was a minor and that it was none of his business what the kid wore.

Since then Tone Loc has apologized by the way he came off during his initial statement. However, he doubled down on saying that the hat was not appropriate.

The three reportedly continued the argument outside of the airport, with all of them yelling at each other. “You need to watch your son!” Loc told the father of the child, as the dad responded by saying, “He can wear whatever he wants!”

The father allegedly pushed Tone Loc as the mother yelled “This is America, freedom of speech! Freedom of religion!” from the side. Two officers then made their way to the rapper and handcuffed him. “Oh, but you’re gonna let him go.” Loc told the cops.

Tone Loc has since been released, as neither party wanted to press charges.

Watch the altercation here.

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