Suga Free On New Album ‘The Resurrection’, Retiring From Pimpin’, & New Music W/ Dj Quik

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Suga Free visits 93.5 KDay to talk his new album ‘The Resurrection’, retiring from pimping, shares his opinion on new artists, new music with Dj Quik, and more!

The iconic emcee has a different energy surrounding him these days and it is clear in the passion and hunger that the rapper has after being in the game for over 20 years. With a new project, ‘The Resurrection’ officially dropping on March 27, Suga Free is prepared to deliver something on a new level that he confesses to only wanting to be the best in his category of rap.

I’m the type of emcee that, I rap like I want a rapper to rap to me. And the closest person that ever came to doing that was Too Short. (What’s happening short? What’s happening Todd?) And that ain’t enough. When you think of millions of people, why is there this little bitty lane? So, I’m going to make it as special as I can. You know, in a real way.

Speaking with Romeo on the newly found confidence and strength is his new music and life, Free says, “I realized who I am. I realized that I am a comedian. I realized that I’m so cold that I have to spice it up with something other. And that other is the sh*t that make the sh*t work.” Suga goes on to say, “Quik used to say, ‘Man, you a rapper’s rapper.’ [I would say] ‘Alright, that’s cool.’ You know, I didn’t really believe that but I knew it was something different. But, I held on to that and enhanced the sh*t.”

Through the years, the rapper has had an interesting relationship with fellow LA native DJ Quik but Free reveals that their friendship and working relationship is in a good place and that he has learned a lot from the Compton rapper.

We good, man. He did some production on the record, man. It’s a song called “Good Enough”. We got “Good Enough” right? Ok, so we’re going to give you a four-piece! Again, this song is fueled with comedy. It’s real catchy, very, very, very catchy. We recorded this right here in Burbank. Three days I was out here, working on this one song. I actually wrote this out!

Although the rapper celebrates his new music on the way, Suga reveals an emotional moment when he confesses why he turned to pimping in order to survive and a young age and also how he ultimaltely had to get away from the street life.

Watch the full Suga Free and Romeo interview below.

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