Freeway Rick Ross Talks LA Drug Trade History, Beef W/ Rapper Rick Ross + Upcoming TV Series

photo credit: 935 KDAY
Freeway Rick Ross checks in with Noah Ayala from 93.5 KDAY to talk about growing up in Los Angeles, the history of LA’s drug trade and his upcoming TV series.

Known as an infamous drug trafficker in Los Angeles, Freeway Rick Ross made a name for himself building an empire in his early years, before being sentenced to life in prison and later being released back in 2009. Sitting in with Noah to talk his upbringing and how he experienced the early beginnings of the drug trade in LA, the now author mentions the moment his family made the move to California.

I got here right before the Watts Riot. The Watts Riot hit right when he was here and it was a new experience for me man, to see the military riding down the streets. I come from a small town in Texas, you know where they didn’t have neighbors. You know, your neighbor might have stayed 10 miles away, so you didn’t see other people too often.

Ross goes on to continue, “I been living in South Central all my life. When we first moved here we stayed on Vernon and Broadway and we moved from there to Watts for a little while. Then we eventually settled on 87th and Figueroa, you know where I been staying ever since. That’s where I got my nickname, The Freeway. 110 Baby! Y’all know what the 110 is!”

Rick also goes on to mention the influence today’s rappers have on the culture and the youth with promoting the image of violence and substance abuse and he also tells Noah about the controversy with rapper Rick Ross monetizing his name.

I was on Drink Champs a couple weeks back with N.O.R.E. and they all come up with their own scenario because they’re defending his attitude by not formally coming and sitting down and talking to me and maybe seeing if we can come; because really what we did, is that we got a business relationship that I’m not benefiting from.

Watch the full interview below and see what Freeway Rick Ross says about his upcoming television series and more.

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