50 Cent Warns Ja Rule: “It Ain’t Over Till One Of Us Gone”

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Many hip-hop feuds tend to be resolved at some point or another, however, the 50 Cent and Ja Rule beef seems to have no definite ending. Recently, 50 and Ja have taken to social media to exchange shots toward one another, with the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ artist typically being the initiator.

Last week, 50 Cent reportedly bought 200 Ja Rule concert tickets with the attempt to have empty seats. Earlier this week, Ja claimed to have started a “F*ck 50 Cent” chant at his San Antonio concert, and although there is no video of this happening, he assures fans it’s real. 50 Cent has now responded, once again clowning Ja Rule, with Ja telling 50 to “#PULLUP.”

50 then insinuates a threat by saying, “South Side rules apply, it’s never over. We may take a break, but it ain’t over till one of us is gone. Get the strap.” Clearly the two are set to continue making threats toward each other, but who knows how it’ll all end.


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Longest hip hop beef everrrrrrr #50cent vs #Jarule

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