R. Kelly’s Brother Accuses Him Of Dating Men And Spreading STDs On Diss Track

Getty Images | Daniel Boczarski

R. Kelly’s brother Carey “Killa” Kelly has now raised a number of accusations about R. Kelly, going as far as saying that he deliberately spread STDs, blackballed him from the music industry and allegedly dated men.

Carey released a diss track titled, “I Confess,” which was released on Friday, as a response to Kelly’s 19-minute song “I Admit.” In the “I Admit” track, Kelly briefly mentioned his brothers and their broken relationship.

“I admit I miss my brothers (brothers) But I admit they weren’t acting like brothers (brothers),” he sings. “Yeah, we’ve had our differences/But you don’t turn on your brother (no)/For nothing, for no one, nada (no, no)/Mama, Joanne, is watching (no, no, no)/She must be turning over in her grave (yeah).” Kelly said.

Killa Kelly’s problems with his brother go back to when R. Kelly was accused of child pornography, Kelly’s lawyer suggesting that Killa was the man in the sex tape, not Kelly. He also claimed he was bribed with a record deal and a new home to take the fall in the case.

Listen below:

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