Danity Kane Says Diddy Neglected The Group

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Danity Kane made their way into the entertainment industry by starring in a reality television show which documented their rise to stardom. The group has since broken up, but are linking together again to form a tour under the name: DK3.

In a recent interview with Daily Buzz, the singers opened up about the first time their group was ever “canceled,” as a result of Diddy’s decisions.

Aubrey spoke regarding the situation.

“We were told it was a meeting, who knows what they had on the production then. I don’t believe that it was on anyone’s mind that anyone was going to be fired or that the group would be dismantled.”

Shannon did not hold back either, directly saying Diddy’s actions were neglectful and selfish.

“Puff didn’t care about us being a successful group. He cared about a T.V. show. He wasn’t thinking about what was best for this group. he’s like ‘uhh, let me do what’s best for me.'” She said.

Aubrey again chimed in and mentioned the mogul’s priorities.

“Puff cared about himself and his pockets.”

Diddy hasn’t responded to these claims as of yet.

Watch below:

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