Urban Dictionary Lists Ice-T As Gangsta Rap Pioneer

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for IEBA

Urban Dictionary recently went on to call Ice-T the founder of gangsta rap. After a hip-hop fan tweeted “Ice-T” to the Urban Dictionary page, they responded with a definition that few could deny.

“Ice-T: the founder of gangsta rap, although he sent out some intelligent messages with it about ghetto conditions, drugs, pimping, etc,” the definition reads. Urban Dictionary finished up with, “Half these gangstas today wouldn’t be able to look Ice-T in the face.”

Ice -T went on to share the definition and agreed with what they said, going on to say that it was “very accurate.”

The hip-hop OG recently debuted a show called “In Ice Cold Blood,” a series focused on the lives of crime victims and culprits through interviews and reenactments.

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