Busts Rhymes Pays tribute: Killer Mike, “ A Treasure to our culture”

Busta Rhymes recently took to Instagram to honor the legendary Atlanta rapper Killer Mike, expressing his admiration and respect in a heartfelt video tribute. In the video, Busta referred to Killer Mike as “The God, the young king, the don,” highlighting their longstanding friendship spanning over two decades.

In his tribute, Busta Rhymes not only celebrated Killer Mike’s remarkable talent as a rapper but also acknowledged his significant contributions to the hip-hop community and beyond. The video serves as a testament to the deep bond between the two artists and the admiration they hold for each other’s work.

Busts Rhymes said “I’ve seen Killer Mike work for 20-plus years and we run into each other without having no type of deep and intense conversation, just crossing paths, saying what up, and saluting each other, giving each other the love, the respect, and the camaraderie and reiterating to each other that we are resources to each other.”

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