T-Pain Thinks 2Pac Wouldn’t Be A Great Lyricist Today & Says Chris Brown Has ‘Breezy’ Album “Princess Complex”

T-Pain Thinks 2Pac Wouldn't Be A Great Lyricst Today & Says Chris Brown Has 'Breezy' Album "Princess Complex"
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T-Pain is no stranger to speaking his mind and making sure it’s clearly heard, as we’ve previously seen him express his past struggle with Usher and his hilarious Twitch viral moments, so this time there’s no surprise that he’s getting some things off his chest. 

Now, you may be surprised by Pain’s recent comments he made during a discussion with DJ Akademiks where he shared a few hot takes, which are now going viral, about the late legend 2 Pac and Chris Brown. 

The multi-platinum rapper, singer, and producer controversially spoke out and stated that if social media was around during Pac’s time, “Pac would’ve gotten killed sooner and he would’ve gotten his ass ate the fuck up lyrically.” Pain continues, “Lyricism-wise, ‘Pac would’ve got ridiculously murdered. Bro, ‘Pac was a crazy lyricist in our time because ain’t nobody else have no platform. If the platforms would’ve been what they are now, ‘Pac would’ve been ate the f*ck up…I’m just saying what we look at as ‘Pac’s greatest lyrics right is peanuts to what we hear today.” 

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T-Pain also goes on to share his thoughts on Chris Brown and the singer’s latest album drop for ‘Breezy,’ in which Brown took to social media to denounce the support that he did not receive for his 10th studio album.

While Brown shared his grievances over the lack of support from his peers, the media, and fans, Pain stated, “That [Chris Brown] is my mothaf**kin’ n***a, but I know what his faults are. The Princess Complex is not only when you get what you want but you get the accolades of a pretty person for doing absolutely f**king nothing and just being pretty… The second that the first real mothaf***a comes to you and says, ‘Hey, you ain’t that f***in’ pretty,’ it’s over.”

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