Reverie Details Why ‘Sometimes I Like 2 Sing’ Album Naysayers Don’t Phase Her + 12-Year Rap Career

The multi-faceted rapper, designer, and businesswoman Reverie has created her own lane as a successful Latina in the music space and with the consistent hard work she’s displayed over the course of her career, the new direction of her path is now on her own terms.

Making the transition to the singing and stepping out of her signature rap sound, Reverie shares with 935 KDAY Midday Ride host Cece that her past catalog, which spans over 12 years, has shown her growth in her artistry to now. The Los Angeles native isn’t shy about her talent, which is why she decided to release her new album ‘Sometimes I Like To Sing.’ Reverie’s upbringing has inspired her music and her work ethic, which has allowed her to expand her platform and continue her hustle. 

Reverie has survived the challenges of addiction and the uncertainty of working jobs that didn’t match her passion and she speaks on how paying her dues has allowed her to accept her own success and appreciate the respect she receives. 

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