Ice Cube Says Developing Big3 Into Global Brand Has Been Harder Than Rap & Acting Careers

Ice Cube Says Developing Big3 Into Global Brand Was Harder Than Rap & Acting Careers
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Ice Cube has solidified his G.O.A.T. legendary status in hip-hop and the entertainment business as a whole. While the rapper, actor, and entrepreneur has trail blazed for the West Coast when he first made noise with N.W.A., the multi-faceted pioneer has revealed that his greatest venture that has challenged him the most has been the curation of his BIG3 league.

In an exclusive interview clip with Bossip, when asked where the basketball league ranked in his career accomplishments, the mogul revealed that the Jeff Kwatinetz venture was the biggest and hardest. Cube touched on his past experiences breaking into the acting, music, and business realms saying, “Doing music, I grew up with Dr. Dre living down the street from me, so, you know. Not saying that was easy, but I was in a position to really be right there.” Cube continues explaining, “In movies, John Singleton saw me one day and said, ‘Hey, I wanna put you in a movie.’ So, that career took off, you know, with being discovered like that. This is something we had to conceive from scratch with all kind of people telling us that we was crazy, what are y’all doing, you rap what are you doin’ in sports, you do movies and now you doin’ basketball.”

Cube goes on to share that while the uphill battle is challenging, yet fun, he is looking forward to finally getting the league to where “it’s supposed to be.”

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