Tupac’s Brother Slams Donald Trump Campaign For Mocking Kamala Harris’ Remarks About The Late Rapper

Tupac's Brother Slams Donald Trump Campaign For Mocking Kamala Harris' Remarks About The Late Rapper
Photo by Gramercy Pictures/Getty Images

As you may have already come across the moment Senator Kamala Harris stated that she thinks the late rap legend Tupac was the “greatest rapper alive”, and in the same breath clarified that she believes the iconic rapper’s legacy will forever live on, it looks like the Pac’s family isn’t too happy about the Trump campaign taking jab at Harris for her harmless remarks.

According to an exclusive TMZ report, Tupac’s family said that the Donald Trump campaign was using the rapper as a “prop” to mock Vice-Presidential candidate Harris and the antics were uncool and uncalled-for. Tupac’s stepbrother Morpheme Shakur told TMZ that while he isn’t holding his breath and waiting for an apology, it was “clearly disrespectful to his family for the President’s campaign to leave a ticket for Tupac at the recent VP debate. Ahead of last week’s debate the Trump camp confirmed to have invited Tupac as a jab for the Senator.

As Morpheme saw Harris’ remarks as nothing more than “California Love”, Pac’s stepbrother is taking the high road and challenging Trump to release his father, Pac’s stepfather” from his his 60 year prison sentence.

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