Kanye Breaks Down In Tears During Presidential Rally, Yells At Fan, Criticizes Harriet Tubman, Speaks On Abortion & Gun Control

Kanye Breaks Down In Tears During Presidential Rally, Yells At Fan, Speaks On Abortion & Gun Control
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This is all a lot to take in for a Monday morning, if you hadn’t already seen rapper Kanye West’s first ever 2020 Presidential campaign rally footage.

Sunday evening West gathered with an intimate crowd in Charleston, South Carolina to hold his one of a kind rally where he spoke on abortion, gun control, HarrietTubman, and much more. As the live-stream and many social media clips gained popularity last night, Ye’s bizarre behavior and comments about policy and what his presidential platform stood on was alarming to many. During the past weekend, the “Wash Us In Blood” rapper also tweeted and then deleted a message that showed a new album, titled after his late mother Donda, would be dropping July 14th, with many fans noting that a much talked about track “nEw Body” would not feature Nicki Minaj. But, that’s not the highlight of Kanye’s step into his hopeful campaign or album strategy.

Donning a bullet proof vest with a plastered “Security” message on the front and also “2020” design shaved into his hair, West became so emotional expressing how the effects of abortion has impacted his beliefs and thoughts; confessing that his late Mother saved his life because his Father wanted to abort him, while also revealing that he almost “killed” his own daughter, because the now father of four might have aborted his own child.

Then things took another turn when Ye spoke negatively about Civil Rights icon and her Harriet Tubman stating, “[She] never actually freed the salves, she just had them work for other white people.”

While the crowd audibly reacted in disagrrevance, another pivotal moment happened when West brought a few fans up on stage to a ask questions. One audience member asked the rapper about gun control, in which Kanye did not directly answer the question, but later during the evening, the rapper seemingly shunned the young woman for her question. Iesha Mars, the woman who Kanye infamously “yelled” at, took to her Twitter account to address her side of things and what happened during that entire exchange.

Whether you are voting for Kanye or not, it seems like Mr. West is not standing down from taking on the White House to entering a new “West Wing”.

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