2pac’s Handwritten “To Live In Die In L.A.” Lyrics & A Kanye West Hand Drawn Nude Sketch Up For Auction

2pac's Handwritten "To Live In Die In L.A." Lyrics & A Kanye West Hand Draw Nude Sketch Up For Auction
Photo by Gramercy Pictures/Getty Images

GottaHaveRockandRoll is a staple for highlighting collections of some of the most historic pieces of entertainment memorabilia, with consistent rarities like handwritten poems and bandanas from the late 2Pac. Keeping up with the culture, the auctioneers are back at it again with their latest merchandise available up for auction.

Featuring new Tupac collectibles, the most in-demand pieces are hand-written lyrics for “To Live and Die in L.A.”, which is expected to bring in up to $100,000. The hit song was written in green ink with many cross-outs and shows Pac’s work in progress thoughts for the song.

In addition to the Pac lyric note, there’s a signed contract agreement between Pac and Death Row Records that is also being  The agreement is said to be “Tupac’s Bail Agreement” that his label Interscope Records used to get the rapper out of jail. The contract is expected to be auctioned off up to $35,000.

There is also a hand-drawn and signed nude sketch of a woman that Kanye West completed back in 1996, while he was in high school. The drawing is being auctioned off for around $20,000.

the auction is expected to open July 22nd. Check out the pieces here.