LeBron James Reminds Men That It Is Okay To Express Your Feelings

Photo Credit: Jeff Gross | Getty Images

Kobe Bryant  passed away about a Month ago and has caused people including men in the NBA to share their feelings on camera. There has always been a stigma about men crying, but LeBron James is here to remind us that It’s okay for men to cry.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated he opened up about why it’s important for
Men to cry. He said, “ When something feels a certain way, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be emotional about it. The emotion comes from, especially in this instance, somebody who has paved the way and done so many great things in our sport.”

After the news about Kobe, LeBron was seen crying during the National Anthem
Performance by Boys II Men at one of the Lakers game. Other athletes like Michael Jordan  also cried publicly and this demonstrated how they were not afraid to express their emotions.

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