Jay Worthy of LNDN DRGS On New Project ‘Umbrella Symphony’ W/ Curren$y

Jay Worthy of LNDN DRGS On New Project 'Umbrella Symphony' W/ Curren$y
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Jay Worthy checks in with Paulina on 93.5 KDAY to discuss his new project ‘Umbrella Symphony’, his debut album possibly having a Kendrick Lamar feature, living with the Game’s brother, and more.

Sitting down with Paulina, Worthy chops it up about ‘Umbrella Symphony’, his upcoming LNDN DRGS EP, and reveals that while he’s greatly influenced by early G-funk pioneers, the “Make Money” rapper shares that LNDN DRGS brings something that is more of their own.

You know, I say that because G-funk, which I have like a huge respect for, I feel like the pioneers of that, they made it. It’s a certain sound. And I feel like what we do, is a little bit different. Even the beats we rap on, you know, LNDN DRGS, we take a lot of looped ‘80’s, boogie, and like funk records. It’s funk, so, it got funk elements to it, but, I would really call it G-funk, you know what I’m saying? So, it’s kind of like our own thing. And, I don’t really like to put a name on it, to be honest. I just like the people to listen to it.

Worthy reflects on more on his early influences, naming Ice Cube and the N.W.A. rap group as inspiration. Jay says, “Early on, I could remember that Cube was like, my favorite rapper, as like a kid. He continues, N.W.A. for sure, and of course, Eazy-E. I remember going to the record store, getting Doggystyle, all the classics, you know?”

Worthy goes on to talk his forthcoming solo debut project and whether or not fans can expect a guest appearance from L.A. rapper Kendrick Lamar as well as shouts out living radio legend and KDAY’s own Art Laboe.

Watch the full Jay Worthy and Paulina interview below!

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