Michigan Man Finds $43,000 in a Thrift Store Couch

(Via: Rick Merling)

A man in Michigan has discovered a $43k treasure inside a couch he purchased from a local thrift store. Howard Kirby found a couch at the “Habitat for Humanity“ store in Owosso, only to discover that it came with a lump of cash inside one of the cushions. The store manager informed ABC News that the new owner decided to return the money to the original family.

“He could use it… He has needs, but he said he just felt his prompting from God that said, ‘This isn’t yours,” store manager Rick Merling said. “The store called the family to say that Kirby found something “they’re gonna want back. It was very schooling to them.”

The couch belonged to the grandfather of the family, who died about a year ago, according to Merling. The family had actually called the thrift store and left their contact information. “I think they were hoping there might have been some pictures. They would have never dreamed it was money,” he said.

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