50 Cent Claims His “Get The Strap” Slogan Was “Too Cool For TV”

Getty Images | Jamie McCarthy

Aside from 50 Cent debuting the music video for his popular, “Get The Strap” catchphrase, it somehow failed to get a spot on mainstream television.

50 addressed the situation when celebrating the 12 million streams on the music video. According to 50, major television networks missed out on the success of “Get The Strap.” For example, he claims BET asked for a lot of things to be changed before they would air the clip. With this, 50 made it clear that everything will move to his own standards.

It appears 50 doesn’t need the network to get more promotion, his Instagram feed is something a lot of fans check on the daily. 50 also managed to get his “Get The Strap” video on television on his own, which he did on an episode of his hit television show, Power.

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