A Deaf Man Is Suing PornHub

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A man that goes by the name of Yaroslav Suris is currently undergoing lawsuit against PornHub for apparently violating federal law for failing to provide closed captions. Despite being a free service, there are people having trouble accessing the porn site, according to a new lawsuit. According to TMZ, the site is being sued by a deaf man who claims that PornHub lacks accessibility for the hearing impaired.

He filed legal documents against the website because he claims it isn’t fully equipped with services for deaf and hearing impaired. Yaroslav says that because closed captions aren’t available for all videos it doesn’t allow him to gain a well-fulfilled experience. Suris said it violates his personal rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The hearing impaired can’t comprehend what’s going on during portions of the video that require audio. He added that him, as well as many others that face similar issues, aren’t included to pay for premium services because there are no closed captions. Suris demands the website to be more inclusive and for closed captions to be ensured for all users as well as damages.

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