50 Cent Was Named As Reason Why Teen Was Bullied

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ

The Fraser Family claims that their son’s tie to 50 Cent has made him a walking target. Davian Frazer, the student from Williamsburg Charter High School student has been reportedly assaulted by his classmates because he’s “right with the rapper.” Davian’s mother, Myasia Dickerson claims that the bullying started at the beginning of the year.

“The kids started to follow my son around, tried to put him on Snapchat, and tried to take videos of him,” Myasia said. According to the teenager’s mother, the school was made aware of the issues Davian was having with his classmates, and didn’t take any initiative to protect him. In mid-December he was reportedly beaten.

The victims mother reported he was attacked from behind when he was walking away, he was punched in the back of the head, then as the student proceeded to fight him he slammed Davians head to the ground. She filed a police report that states her son was followed around the school, and Davian attempted to look for safety in a classroom, but the teacher wouldn’t let him in.

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