Cam’ron Questions Existence Of Dinosaurs

Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Spotify

Cam’ron has been on quite a promo run to promote his upcoming album, “Purple Haze 2.” In a recent interview with the ItsTheReal podcast, Cam said that he isn’t fully convinced that dinosaurs, or any bones displayed in museums, are real.

“I have fights with people about dinosaurs and their existence all the time,” Cam said. “I’m not believing or disbelieving. It’s like, no proof like, because they throw these big bones, pause, up in the museum and be like, ‘Yo, these are the people that were here before us.”

He continued by questioning museums and how the bones are still existing after all these years. “So these bones, they’re still strong enough to be put up in museums and they didn’t crumble or anything like that?” the rapper asked. “I’m not necessarily going for that one. I’m not saying it didn’t happen…I’m not going off museum facts.”

Cam goes in to say that these bones are a product of “a money-making” scheme.

Watch what Cam has to say below:

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