Faith Evans Talks About The Time She & Biggie Smoked Weed With Whitney Houston

Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Ashley Stewart

It’s been seven years since the death of Whitney Houston. Her legacy goes on through her family, and friends . The latest to do it is singer, and song writer Faith Evans. She recalls a time she and her ex-husband Biggie Smalls would enjoy time with Whitney Houston and Bobby .

“Whitney and Bobby [Brown] used to live in the same country club as me and my ex-husband and one day they came to our house,” Faith told Page Six. “We were drinking wine, smoking joints, and they had this thing where they [would] dance and curse at each other.” Apparently Whitney suggested to Faith that they should do a reality show. “And I said, ‘Girl y’all just did the first episode right here,” she added.

Faith explains how she, and Whitney grew closer after the untimely death of Biggie Smalls. “One of the first places she invited me was Donatella Versace’s house in ’97 … I was like, ‘Girl I don’t have no outfit.’ So she brought me one… It was a dinner party… and men with no shirts [were] serving platters,”

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