Cedric The Entertainer on John Witherspoon, The Comedy Get Down, “The Neighborhood” and More

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Cedric The Entertainer recently stopped by the KDAY Morning Show with Cece & Romeo to talk about The Comedy Get Down, “The Neighborhood” and the passing of John Witherspoon.

Cedric started by bonding with Romeo, due to them both being from St. Louis. The two talked about White Castle and how it’s a regional restaurant, similar to In-N-Out. The comedian mentioned his work on “The Neighborhood” as well as how it applies to modern day society with gentrification.

He went on to talk about Eddie Murphy’s Dolomite film, saying that it has been in the works for many years now. “That’s a movie Eddie’s been working on for 16 years. People didn’t know this idea of making the movie for a long time. It just takes so long to get a movie really ready,” Cedric said.

Cedric goes on to pay his respects to the late John Witherspoon and talks about his favorite basketball team, the Chicago Bulls.

Watch the full Cece & Romeo interview below:

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