Kanye’s Family Reportedly Concerned He’s In Midst Of Bipolar Disorder Episode

Kanye's Family Reportedly Concerned He's In Midst Of Bipolar Disorder Episode
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

On the heels of his forthcoming album and fresh off the viral news of yesterday’s Forbes interview, Kanye West is making headlines again as it is being reported that the “Birthday Party” 2020 Presidential candidate is in the midst of a serious bipolar episode.

According to TMZ, West’s family is very concerned that a serious bipolar episode has impacted his decision-making and much of what he has said this past week. Sources close to TMZ stated that Ye “suffers a serious bout with bipolar disorder, usually once a year” and although family members close to him are worried, they still believe things will stabilize just as they have in the past.

Yesterday, Yeezy’s Forbes interview garnered much criticism as well as skepticism for the rapper as he denounced his support of Trump, made claims that Planned Parenthood is doing the “devil’s work”, and he also took to his Twitter account to further share his “Pro-Life” thoughts on abortion, sharing a screen shot of a “What does a 6 month fetus look like” Google search.

TMZ has also noted that back in October 2018, Kanye revealed to the site’s Live show that he had stopped taking his bipolar medication.

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