Lonzo Ball Says LeBron James is One of the Hardest Players To Compete Against

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With Lonzo Ball recently starting his third season in the NBA, there’s high expectations considering he’s been playing with top talent. In a league with so many talented players, it may not be a surprise to know there’s many people Lonzo admires and appreciates based on their skill.

In a recent interview, Ball was asked to talk about the hardest NBA player he’s competed against so far. The new Pelicans star went on to say that his former teammate, LeBron James, was at the top of the list. Ball mentioned how James is difficult to play against in practice and could outwit the opposition very easily.

Lonzo also went in to praise his new teammate, Zion Williamson, and talked about his strength when playing the game. Although Zion is out for two months, Ball is certain of his potential when he comes back.