Trick Daddy Reportedly Files For Bankruptcy After Owing $800K

Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images

Thing are reportedly not looking good for Miami legend, Trick Daddy. According to The Blast, Trick Daddy has reportedly filed for bankruptcy after court documents claim he owes more than $800K to creditors and has $0 in his checking account.

The rapper claimed he had $150 worth of clothing to his name. He currently owns a $350K home in Florida with other household items. According to the documents, the rapper owes $435,682 to Fannie Mae, due to the mortgage on his home in Florida, then another $12K to the homeowners association, $57,119 that’s owed in back support and $290K to the IRS. This is not even counting the unknown amount owned in credit card debt.

Trick Daddy filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, marking this his fourth time that he’s filed.

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