Big Boi Says Secret To Outkast Sound Is Drugs

ig Boi Says Secret To Outkast Sound Is Drugs
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Big Boi and Sleepy Brown sit down with Noah Ayala to talk about their upcoming project together and their favorite Outkast project.

Outkast is without a doubt one of the most iconic and pioneering hip-hop acts in music. Having roots in the rap mecca of Atlanta, Big Boi and Andre 3000 have solidified their place in the culture. Big and Sleepy Brown stop through the KDAY studios to talk about Outlkast’s influence and what you can expect from the pair coming up.

Speaking on the the group’s longevity and creativity, Big Boi tell Noah:

The whole mindset that we always had, you know, even with Organized Noize and being in a group called Outkast, is always being different from what the norm is doing. You know, everybody go left, we go right. Always being aware of what is going on in all music, you know what I mean. You got to carve your own path and try to create an edge or a sound that nobody’s heard before. You got to evolve. And to be here 25 years, reinventing yourself every album.

When discussing their favorite Outkast projects, Big couldn’t draw a final answer as he says it’s hard to choose his personal favorite, Brown shares that his stand-out record would have to be Stankonia.

Stankonia to me was more like when Outkast started experimenting almost like Jimi Hendrix in a way. It was like a total rock album, you know what I mean? And I feel like that’s where both of them just blossomed so much more because they were used to being producers now, so they knew what they wanted and they could experiment even more. I just thought that was a really cold album.

Big Boi and Sleepy Brown also go on to share stories of working with Raekwon, their upcoming project and much more.

Peep the full interview with Noah Ayala below!


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