Chilli Is Getting Dragged For Telling A Fan She Doesn’t Think They Look Alike

Photo Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Some fans don’t like how Chilli responded to the girl calling it “harsh”. But idk about this one y’all, it might be a bit of a reachhhh.

When a fan tweeted at the TLC singer saying that people tell her the two look alike, Chilli didn’t exactly give an out of the ordinary response saying, “Long straight/wavy hair n similar skin tone doesn’t mean u look like someone. Ur a doll but we don’t look alike:)” Take a look at the pic with the original tweet below:

So like Twitter does over petty exchanges like this one, the fans are divided on whether the reply was rude or not. One user said, “That was hella rude of a huge celeb with a big a** platform to embarrass a little kid like that lol like it just was not necessary. chilli CLEARLY has a complex.” UMMM. But does she. Does she REALLY?

A fan with a different approach said, “Folks being upset about Chilli’s response to that girl is what I mean when I say honesty is often taken as anger, insult, aggression, etc. Just say y’all not used to people disagreeing with you & move on.” THAT part though!

Take alook at some other responses below and decide where you stand on this one:

Listen. All I’m saying is the Naomi Campbell and Boosie ones took me OUTTT!

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