18 Years Later, Eminem’s “Stan” Actor Still Stanning The Rapper

Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Eminem has had a busy couple of months. With the surprise release of his album, Kamikaze and Grammy nominations, the rapper has continued to prove why he’s one of the best artists out right now. Even with this, fans still love early-2000’s Eminem.

One of his iconic, breakthrough moments was the Stan music video. The video is arguably his best visuals to date. In a recent interview, the guy that played Stan in the music video revealed that he still brags about playing the iconic character.

The actor, Devon Sawa talked to Vice about the process.

“Whenever somebody asks me what I’ve done, it’s still the one from back then that I’ll be like ‘Oh, I was in an Eminem video.’ It was iconic, Dr. Dre directed it, Eminem was there and it was early days,” he said. “I’m just so proud to say I played some small part of it.”

His love for the rapper still exists to this day. He was asked about his favorite albums of the year and, of course, mentioned Eminem’s Kamikaze as his top spot.

“I like anything Kendrick Lamar puts out, I liked Lil Wayne’s CD this year,” he said. “But I think Eminem’s is the greatest that came out this year. I might be biased, but I loved it.”

Watch Stan below:

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