Jada Pinkett Smith Says She Would’ve Done Red Table Talk With 2Pac

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MTV

It may come as no surprise to anyone the amount of love Jada Pinkett Smith has for 2Pac. Smith regularly reminisces about her friendship with the late rapper, even thinking about how it would be if he were alive.

In a recent interview with Metro UK, Smith mentioned something that she would’ve been interested in hosting the popular Red Table Talk series with Pac. She talks about how Pac would’ve loved the concept of the show.

“If Pac was still alive, we would probably talk about everything,” she said. “He would probably live on that show. I know him. He would be like, “Yo, we gotta talk about this, this week, did you see what happened? We gotta go to Sweden, did you see A$AP [Rocky]? They got him all locked up, we got to go”.’

“I’d probably have to do a Red Table Talk specifically for ‘Pac,” she continues. ‘I’d probably do a male version of Red Table Talk with ‘Pac. I would have done that with him because he would have just been so great for something like that. So maybe we would do the Red Table and the Blue Table for him.”

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