Woody McClain on BET’s “The Bobby Brown Story” Auditions + How He Came Up on Vine

photo credit: 935 KDAY

Starring as the King of R&B in the new BET biopic, “The Bobby Brown Story” Woody McClain stopped by the KDAY Morning Show with Romeo to discuss his early career moments before his big break, how he came up on the Vine app, and much more.

Originally set out to become a dancer in the industry McClain explained that his early ambitions of dance were triumphed when he started acting and being involved with the late Vine app. As Woody is reprising his New Edition Bobby Brown role, the actor details what his experience was like becoming that character again.

Everybody that’s a part of the process is there for a reason; like the hair people, like the wardrobe, the set design. They just put you in this world and I really felt like I was Bobby once I put the hair on. Once I put the teeth in. I don’t really have a gap, a lot of people be disappointed about that…But once you have all this stuff on, it’s a different energy you feel. And all this studying I’ve been doing, kike, I really, really became Bobby.

Woody also details how he connected with comedian Kevin Hart and also shares what he has planned in his career.

Watch the entire interview below:

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