Jermaine Dupri Says He Almost Got In Biggie’s Car The Night He Was Killed

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Samsung

After the Soul Train Awards in 1997, many of the people in attendance made their way to Vibe’s afterparty in L.A. The event was later shut down because of over-crowding, which led to Biggie and his crew making their way out of the premises.

It was that night where Biggie sat at a red light and was shot and killed by unknown assailants. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Jermaine Dupri took it back to that day and talked about how he almost got into Biggie’s truck that night.

“Everybody was there, it was like a party,” Dupri told PEOPLE. “Everybody was at this afterparty in L.A. and me and Big we just had a great relationship so we was just talking before the party was over. He was talking about going to this Outkast party. One thing that Big…once you was his friend, he was just looking out for you, always. We came outside [and] his truck pulled up. My truck was still, I was still waiting for my truck and he didn’t want me to stand outside and wait ’til my car came. He wasn’t gon’ leave me just standing out there, so he was like jump in. As I was getting in, my truck pulled up. So it’s like that, that moment…it could’ve been, wow.”

Dupri went on to say how losing his dear friend crushed him. “Somebody so talented, such a great heart. Just to see that happen to them through this music situation. It’s crazy.” He said, “It happened so fast. ‘Cause even when the information came, I was pulling up to the Outkast party and somebody called me and was like, ‘Biggie got…’ I’m like, no way. That can’t be.”

Watch what Jermaine Dupri said below:

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