Atari’s Rarest Video Game Is Selling For $90 Thousand On eBay

Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Limited edition and rare items tend to go for high amounts on eBay or Amazon. Whether it be clothing items, memorabilia or electronics, there’s always something for collectors around the world. Now, a rare Atari game titled Extra Terrestrials, which didn’t sell well back in 1983, is going on-sale for a hefty amount.

Regardless of the amount of sales it had back in the day, an original cartridge of the game is now selling on eBay for a total of $90,000. Sealed and rare copies of video games like Extra Terrestrials released by Nintendo in 1986 have caught the eye of many collectors. Collectors are mainly interested in buying the game because ET was the rare title to come out on the Atari 2600 console following the two-year video game industry recession of 1983-1985. With ET being published in 1984, the cost is high because console gaming was seen as “out of style” by many.

The eBay seller, gamewizard69, says he is “the only confirmed private owner of this game right now” outside of the museum.

Check out the video game below:

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