Beastie Boys’ Mike D Tells Q-Tip That Def Jam Can’t Find “License To Ill” Masters

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The Beastie Boys are are staple in music history, and have continued to carry on the group’s legacy following the passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch. Mike D and Ad-Rock recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of their famed release “Ill Communication” by releasing a short film on May 31st. The short-film titled Still Ill features archival footage and commentary from collaborators talking about the making of the album.

In a recent episode of Mike D’s Apple podcast Echo Chamber, which also features special guests Ice Cube and Q-Tip, Mike went on to talk about The Beastie Boys’ classic License To Ill album. When Q-Tip asked Mike D about his masters to Paul’s Boutique and License To Ill, the latter mentioned how the group never received anything from the classic and that the masters are somehow missing.

“No, License To Ill, we don’t have. License To Ill, like nobody can find. I’m not even lying. Def Jam’s s*** is all fucked up. Nobody can find anything. Nobody can find it, literally nobody can find s***,” he told Q-Tip.

The Beastie Boys released License To Ill back in 1986, which turned out to be their first No. 1 album. The album changed hip hop, considering the rock-based samples and unusual-at-the-time lyrics from the trio.

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