Geto Boys’ Bushwick Bill Hospitalized With Pneumonia

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Bushwick Bill has taken to Instagram to offer an update on his current health status. The Geto Boys’ member recently announced that he was battling stage four pancreatic cancer, receiving love from fans and artists across the world. With reports about him cancelling the upcoming Geto Boys tour due to problems with promoters, he’s cleared the air stating that it was his health that was the main concern.

Bill updated his fans on Instagram, stating the reasons as to why he was unable to perform. “For everyone out there who thought I was healthy enough to make a tour,” he begins, “I’ve been in the hospital since May 24th. Interesting. Walking Pneumonia, infection in my lung, and they think I have an infection in my blood. Now, the rumor is I pulled out on the tour, but if my health was a concern, than you would know about my health. This is a health issue. Pancreatic cancer. The chemotherapy gave me pneumonia, infection in my lung, and they checking my blood for infection. Ya’ll have a blessed day.”

Bill’s update is difficult to see, considering the amount of love he has received from his peers and fans alike. The Geto Boys’ contributions to hip hop are undoubtedly legendary, especially considering the amount of people they’ve impacted and influenced.

Let’s all pray for Bushwick Bill and for a speedy recovery during this difficult time in his life.


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