Magic Johnson Allegedly Bullied Lakers Staff

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Magic Johnson‘s exit from the Lakers‘ organization has to be one of the most surprising job exits in a while. Back in April, Johnson revealed that he would be quitting his job as president of basketball operations for the Lakers, despite not telling anyone he was doing so. Just last week, Magic went on ESPN’s First Take and dished out on all of the hardships he endured while on the job for the organization. This put the franchise under a microscope, with many doubting the decision of those in power.

Now, new information has surfaced that some anonymous staff members on the team say Johnson was a bully who used to scare people using fear tactics. Johnson allegedly “berated staffers, including (Luke) Walton and created an in-house culture that many current and former longtime staffers said marginalized their colleagues, inspired fear and led to feelings of anxiety severe enough that at least two staffers suffered panic attacks.”

A staff member even mentioned that Johnson did not like to be questioned. The staff member said Johnson’s “response was always a threatening tone. He used intimidation and bullying as a way of showing authority.”

Johnson hasn’t responded to the bullying claims as of yet.

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